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Top Executive MBA Colleges In Bengaluru

IIM Bangalore

An Executive MBA program is concentrated towards specialized learning, with a focus on career growth and role change by bridging the skill gap. This means that it needs a distinctive framework for the program itself, to deliver such ROI for students who are also experienced, professionals.
You must see that while looking for a course or college, keep your priorities in mind. When you are looking to enhance yourself in terms of education, you want your investments to charter your career in specific directions. You need to have specific roles as targets. The objective is not just to land a job in a good organization. It is more about what sort of profile you want to create and how higher you want to climb the ladder.
There are a lot of colleges that can propel your dream in the right direction. You must see that which college excels in delivering the necessary soft skills and hard skills. Built-in networking opportunities and platforms that facilitate to work in open, will hardwire stuff that cannot be taught but must be learnt for moving up the career ladder.

IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore is one of the most prestigious management institutes across India. Its courses are at par with the best in the world. Executive MBA at IIMB is a great choice if you are a working professional and have a few years of experience. You meet people from juggling different responsibilities and are good at what they do. More than an educational experience, it will be a great life experience.
IIMB designed theIIM Ahmedabad specifically to prepare forward-thinking and creative managers – the business leaders of tomorrow who will create value for their organizations as well as for society.The EPGP provides students with the same solid foundation in key management concepts and disciplines as a two-year MBA, with similar rigor, range of electives, and grading criteria.

ITM Executive Education Centre, Bangalore

ITM Bengaluru started in the year 1992 and is one the oldest B School in Bengaluru. It is a great place to look for executive MBA. The course is 2 years long and has a classroom based program where the classes are on weekends.
The program has a nominal fee structure teaching methodology involves lectures, class exercises, small group discussions and self-reflection.

Jain University (JU)

Jain University (JU) is an intellectual destination which evokes students from more than 25 countries to one of the world's greatest cities - Bangalore. The University has been consistently ranked among top private universities in India. It promotes innovation and entrepreneurship by bringing people, ideas, and resources together at one platform through interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction.

Dayananda Sagar University

Dayananda Sagar University is also a nice option to opt for, for executive MBA. The course is specially designed for working professionals with class sessions conducted on alternate weekends. The course is extended for a period of 16 months and allows students to apply for multiple specializations.
An accelerated, interactive and self-paced course for working professionals with great flexibility, allowing students to attend classes from remote locations. It has a rigorous, contemporary and progressive curriculum.
The program aims to attract a diverse group of working professionals from industries such as large private organizations, MNC’s, public sector undertakings, NGOs, SME’s, mid-size companies, armed forces personnel and family businesses to give students a robust peer groups.

Executive Programmes by Hughes Global Education

Hughes Global Education is a priceless option to pursue MBA if you are a working professional. They are recognized as one of the worlds best education providers. With their partnership with IIMs, Columbia University etc. they provide top notch courses and offer premier certifications.
They have powerful executive programmes across the world. In India they have wonderful management courses in IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, XLRI Jamshedpur and IIFT New Delhi.
The premier certification by Hughes in EMBA is valued by all the firms across the world. Their courses are rich with imparting of advanced skills, mature course content, meticulous understanding of key concepts etc. Their executive education not only improve an individual's knowledge and skills also improve his/her confidence to meet critical organizational demands. Executive courses help us to reach the next level in their organization and help them to achieve accreditation to their career.
Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business, Logistics and Supply chain management, IT Management, Data science course etc. are few of the countless future ready courses offered by Hughes.The courses are charged with nominal fee and have flexible timing schedules. 

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IIM Calcutta Courses

IIM Calcutta 

IIM Calcutta, the name doesn’t need any introduction. It is every management pursuers dream to get admission in any of IIMs across the nation but what if they can secure the same in IIM Calcutta? That would be the icing on the cake.
The institute has consistently played a pioneering role in professionalizing the corporate management with its wide range of courses and Research and Consulting activities. Here are the top Executive Programmes IIM Calcutta offers to the management learners.

To scale the business, corporates are now expanding their business and reach in new geographies. For them, it is like charting in unknown territories, and for that, they need captains to sail their ships, these captains are supply chain managers. Hence, if you are one such person who carries such capabilities, you are in demand! But if you don’t have it but prepare with the newly launched program APSCM (Advanced Programme in Supply Chain Management) by IIM Calcutta.

Over the years with information technology deployment to a massive level, there’s a lot of information organisation carry. When utilised rightly, they come out to be really helpful in the development of the firm. However, a lot of businesses today fail to utilize and miss on the potential of this competitive information.

Business Analytics Course

As the name suggests, the program covers various topics about banking such as fintech and analytics, risk management, Legal aspects, statics tools, etc. With the aim to develop learners about how to meet the modern-day challenges in the banking sector, the program imparts knowledge on management, tool and techniques one can follow assuring a smooth cross-functionality between organisations.

Finance Course

This is a one-year program with classes 2 days a week. Participants with 8-10 years of experience can enrol in the program.
Globalisation has witnessed massive competition in business. It has led to salient changes such as changing industry structures, deregulation and liberalization of economies, alliance formations to endure growth, mergers and acquisitions, variations in the consumer lifestyle and preferences, privatization, technological advances, development of new types of organization and varied management practices.
The business, with the above-mentioned changes, demands better skills, knowledge and competent management. This course is all about imparting these skills for the effective function of the business and management.

The Indian business environment has massively globalised with the demand of managers towards handing global situations. This is where the Executive Program in Global Business Management comes into picture bridging the gap between managing the business in India and global businesses. The program majorly focuses on issues about managing people, international business management and developing a global business mindset.
It is a 1-year course with a schedule of 2 days a week of 3 hours each. Candidates who have scored above 50% in class 10, 12 and graduation, in addition to 2-12 years of experience can apply for the course.

With specialisation in different domains like medicine, engineering, commerce and pure sciences, this program helps in the development of managerial skills and insights when you enter the workplace. It imparts knowledge concerning the know-how, today’s global business environment, an overview of the core business functions, facing the management challenges into business administration.
The Executive Programme in General Management is a 1-year course with a schedule of 2 days a week of 3 hours each. Candidates who have scored above 50% in class 10, 12 and graduation (from a UGC/AICTE approved organisation) in addition to 1-5 years of experience can apply for the course.
IIM Courses

This program focuses on the contemporary styles to acquiring, retaining and increasing business efficiently and effectively with the stakeholders in the market. It attends to the concerns on ‘cutting edge’ issues in sales and marketing such as brand development, distribution channel management services and people management concerns. You will have an understanding of how to identify the challenges in the marketplace and develop Conceptual frameworks for it. It will also help them mould business in a market-oriented manner and manage sales and marketing teams.

'People' is what differentiates the quality of a business in the industry competition. Both HR experts and line managers need to be equipped with the HRM challenges on employee and organisational level analysis.

This program covers the canvas of HRM at the micro as well as macro levels equipping human resource managers with contemporary knowledge and best practices identified from research findings. It covers both basic and strategic HRM concerns. It imparts knowledge of behavioural science, motivation, perceptions and attitude, leadership concerns, etc. It focuses on developing managers with one of the most critical concerns of acquisition and retention of talent and knowledge of resources. The program is an overall human resource management program for all types of professional services. 
This Executive Programme is a 1-year course with a schedule of 1 day a week. Candidates with scores above 50% in class 10, 12 and graduation (from a UGC/AICTE approved organisation) can apply. In addition, they must have at least 2 years of experience to apply for the course.

If you are a working professional and looking to climb up the corporate ladder in your current role or future job, such executive programmes can become an integral part of the plan for you. These programmes are designed to hone your skillset and train you to be able to handle key positions in multinational organisations and start-ups alike.

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